Skill Points Guide

why do we need mastery & Skill points?

To unlock skills for your hero you need mastery or skill points.

Mastery points are tied to the specific weapon while skill points can be used for any weapon.

how to get mastery and skill points

You get mastery points by killing troops and heroes with your weapons.

You get a set amount of skill points for every game you play.

The fastest way to get mastery points is to play AI battles, They take around 3-5 minutes.
If you kill about 40 troops you get up to 200 mastery points for 1 single AI game.

You can easily do this if you go around the AI to kill all their ranged troops.

How to get skill books?

You get bound skillbooks for completing weekly quests, You can also get skill books from

winning Deathmatches that appear twice a week, you can only get skill books the first 5 games

and you only have a chance to get them when you win.

You can also get some if you're lucky for gathering at loot sites in the open world