bronze guide

premium membership & special units

If you don't mind spending some real money on the game Premium is the best way to boost your bronze exp and honour income all in one. you get a 30% boost to all of these for the period of purchase and this applies in all matches.
You might also consider purchasing the Black Dragon units.
These units give you a boost to XP, Bronze and Honour whenever you battle with them in your warband.
Our advice is to get one or several of the units that have a low leadership cost.
This way you can use them even with your high leadership units.
Some Black Dragons cost as little as 100 leadership to bring into battle.

daily quests

Completing all your daily quests will net you around 7000 Bronze in total

Weekly Quests

Completing all your weekly quests will net you around 87777 Bronze in total

converting silver into bronze

One way of retaining your bronze is to craft unit kits.
This will cost you some bronze to do but will also save you a lot of bronze in the long run.

Crafting unit kits takes bronze, silver, and a lot of time running around gathering exotics around the map

You can also purchase the exotics for silver in the auctionhouse if you want to skip the gathering part.
If you're not sure what materials you need to craft a certain unit kit check out the Unit Kits page under Troop Guides.

avoiding taxes

Gathering in alliance territory lets you pay less Taxes or tariffs as they are called.

This is one of the major reasons Territory war is important.

You can also avoid taxes in enemy territory by using your Requisition tokens and thereby saving bronze.

short on time?

If you have a very limited amount of time you can play each day doing AI training battles will give you progress

towards your 5 daily win quests and only take around 4-6 minutes to complete.