frequently asked questions

How can i move to another region?

To move your home camp you need migration tokens, you can get these from vaults or some early quests or you can buy them from the apothecary for 5000 silver each. If you move to a fief (castle or village) in the same region you only need 1 migration token. If you move to a fief in another region e.g Liangyun to Borderlands you need 3 migration tokens. Once you got the tokens you need make sure they are in your inventory, go to the watchman and enter the open world.

Make sure you don't bring any units and that your wagon is empty as this will make you travel much faster.

Walk to your target fief and enter it.

Once inside talk to the Billeting officer to move camp.

Once done you will have moved your camp to the new fief and all items in your supply dump will magically transfer over to your new home instantly!

How do i unlock the title "Supreme Commander" ?

To unlock the title supreme commander you need to unlock 61 units.

What happens if our house loses the fief we have our home camp in?

Your camp will be moved to the nearest AI City

What determines what rarity a resource node will turn into?

Resource nodes or Gathering spots refresh after they have passed a certain threshold on amount of resources in them or if they have not been mined below this threshold for a long time.

They start to go on a timer and when the timer has run out they change to a fully replenished node of a random colour, you can therefor never know what rarity the certain node will be until the timer is completely out.

What different types of CC are there in the game?

There are several different crowd control elements in this game

Daze - On every auto attack and every skill that doesn't mention any specific type of crowd control. You can break out of this by rolling (double tap movement in any direction), or by using a skill with "Removes Daze Effect".

Repelled - Knockback. Relatively rare, on just a handful of skills. Knocks your opponents backwards. You can break out of this by rolling or using a skill with "Removes Daze effect". It's basically just a Daze with an added knockback.

Knockdown - Mostly spammed a lot by Poleaxe and Nodachi. When hit, you fall flat on the floor, either backwards or forwards. You can only break out of this using a skill with "Removes Daze effect".

Concussed - Stun. Used mostly by Glaive, Shortbow, and Dual Blades. When hit, you kneel for a moment. You can only break out of this using a skill with "Removes Concussed or Daze effects".

Thrown - Found on many ults on most classes, as well as on Shortsword's charge. When you get hit by this you get sent flying and lie flat on the floor. There is no way to break out of this.

Choke - Poleaxe, Dual Blade and Maul's ult. There is no way to break out of this. At most an ally can try to stun the person using this on you to limit the damage. You can prevent someone from using this on you by being on your horse.

How many attribute points do you get?

You get 17 default attribute points in each attribute, you cannot change this.

As you level you gain more attribute points to spend freely maxing out at 72 extra points at level 60.

Therefor the max amount of attribute points you can have in 1 stat is 17+72 = 89

Not counting any extra points from armour and weapons.