honour guide

daily quests

Doing your dailies will net you 600 Honour each day

weekly quests
Doing your weeklies will net you around 6200 Honour each week

fief quests

Each week you can complete 20 fief quests that reward you with honor.

The amount of honor gained from these fiefs quests depends on the level of the town and the level of the quests
(the more stars the better the reward) If your house owns the fief you will receive the ''other rewards'' bonus .
The current maxiumum Honor you can get from a high level feif quest is 400 (+200 ''other reward'')
You may complete the same quest(s) at each fief once per day for a week.
Therefore in order to maximize the amount of honor you can gain its recommended that you complete up to 3 of the best feif quests each day,everyday for that week.

Doing this correctly should net you between 8000 to 12000 Honour each week


Doing field/siege battles you can gain up to 20000 Honour each week
Following this guide you could potentially gain up to 42.400 Honour per week